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Cancer Treatment

Cancer is worldwide one of the most widespread health problems. Each year huge efforts are made in cancer research to improve the traditional cancer therapy approach which is based on conventional radio therapy (X-ray) and chemotherapy.

A promising new development in non-invasive cancer treatment is that of accelerator-based treatment methods using highly energized particles. Particle therapy techniques are the new frontier of cancer radiation therapy. Particle therapy makes use of proton, carbon ions or neutron beams, all of which are heavier particles with a more favorable dose-depth distribution and increased relative biological efficiency in the target volume as compared to the classical photon, or X-ray, therapy.

  • Proton Therapy Facility (Image courtesy of Varian)
  • Online Monitoring of Brain Tumor Treatment (Image courtesy of Siemens; Online Monitoring image courtesy of GSI)

Key Features

  • Highest availability
  • Fully integrated Ampegon digital LLRF systems to control the RF amplitude and phase for three normal conducting cavities
  • Enhanced and easy to maintain digital acquisition and tube protection system
  • High system redundancy
  • Active long-term references for different cancer treatment technologies either based on synchrotron, cyclotron or linear accelerators.