Ampegon offers premium quality products and solutions for Science, MedTech, Industry and Broadcast each tailored specifically to customer needs in these strategic fields.

Ampegon designs and delivers high power systems for world-class research facilities. Their experiments are at the absolute cutting edge of scientific research and strive for the limit of technological performance. Such important research projects advance human understanding of materials science, medicine, engineering, biology, particle physics and nuclear fusion.

Ampegon designs and delivers high power RF systems for medical institutions. Our solutions, already deployed in research, are now adopted for high precision therapy products. A new promising therapy technique for cancer is using high energy accelerated particles, ensuring extremely precise treatment.

Ampegon cooperates with industrial partners to implement novel and more efficient processes. Forward thinking commercially-oriented enterprises make use of the technological developments derived from scientific research to improve or increase the efficiency of their industrial processes.

Ampegon is the leading designer, manufacturer and integrator of AM/DRM radio broadcast systems worldwide. Focusing upon developing advanced solutions to meet environmental and technological evolvements, Ampegon shapes the industry with the most advanced systems for digital transmissions and best performance over the equipment's entire lifetime.