Ampegon systems have long been used at the cutting edge of scientific research, at world-class research facilities using particle accelerators, high field electromagnets and fusion reactors. Their research demands cutting edge scientific capabilities and strive for the limit of technological performance to advance human understanding of material science, medicine, engineering, biology, particle physics and plasma science.

Working in conjunction with scientific researchers, Ampegon high voltage power supplies and RF amplifiers have been designed to offer the highest levels of performance with reliability that provides reliable 24/7 operation. As such, our systems are in use around the world at top universities and international research laboratories in the following fields:


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  • Accelerator Research
  • Auxiliaries
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Food Treatment
  • Fusion Research
  • Isotope Production
  • Lithography Applications
  • Mineral Mining
  • Nuclear Industry
  • Plasma Physics
  • Radar
  • Tube Test Facilities

Short Pulse Modulator

Short Pulse High Power Modulator Ampegon designs and delivers stand-alone, versatile and compact short pulse modulators for specialist high frequency RF amplifier use amongst other applications. Our short pulse modulator, based on solid-state technology with a pulse forming network (PFN) topology, complements Ampegon’s product range for pulsed, high power modulator and RF amplifier systems, as [...]

Long Pulse Modulator

Long Pulse High Power Modulator Ampegon designs and delivers stand-alone, versatile and compact long pulse modulators for use with high average power RF amplifiers, amongst other applications. Our long pulse modulator, based upon solid-state technology, complements Ampegon’s product range for pulsed, high voltage modulator and RF amplifier systems, as new applications demand high average power [...]

High Voltage Power Supplies

High Voltage Power Supplies Ampegon designs and delivers stand-alone regulated high voltage power supplies for high energy applications in pulsed and CW mode. At the heart of the stand-alone high voltage power supply (HVPS) system is an Ampegon’s patented pulse-step modulator (PSM). Since the introduction of PSM technology in the 1980s, this system has been [...]

Tube RF Amplifiers

RF Amplifiers Ampegon designs and delivers special RF amplifier systems based upon vacuum tubes, klystrons, inductive output tubes (IOTs) and solid-state technology. Our speciality is handling RF power ratings of up to 2 megawatts and frequencies up to 200 MHz with vacuum tubes; up to 500 MHz with solid-state technology, and frequencies up into L-band [...]

Test Loads & Auxiliaries

Test Loads and Auxiliaries Many Ampegon RF amplifiers, transmitters, power supplies or modulators operate at extremely high peak- and average-powers. This means that it is not possible to test such systems with their intended loads without risk of damaging the load. Therefore, Ampegon custom designs test loads to allow full power testing of our products [...]

Solid State RF Amplifiers

Solid State RF Amplifiers Traditional RF amplifiers using electron-tube final stages have been established technology for decades. However, Ampegon is leading development of fully-solid state technology RF amplifiers, offering a number of technical solutions for CW- or pulsed-outputs at a wide range of frequencies between 120MHz and 500 MHz. Fully solid state technology overcomes some [...]