Broadcast Auxiliaries

In addition to shortwave transmitters, Ampegon offers a wide range of broadcasting auxiliary systems, as well as infrastructure items to customise your transmitter to your requirements.

Most powerful of these is the transmitter Broadcast Control System, which interfaces to Ampegon transmitters (as well as certain transmitters from other manufacturers) to control the transmitter(s) either in conjunction with each other, or remotely via secure connection or over IP. This allows users to operate their broadcasting stations entirely remotely if necessary.

Also available are a wide range of infrastructure, such as RF switches, balun and feeders necessary to connect transmitters to their antennas.

As a founding member of the DRM consortium, all Ampegon shortwave transmitters are DRM-capable, and therefore we can supply a number of DRM accessories and testing equipment, such as content servers, and monitoring receivers.


Master Series II Control System

Master Series II From local monitoring to worldwide networking, the Master Series II line manages practically anything from a single transmitter site to a global network. Based on a modular, hierarchical design principle, Master Series II systems avoid a single point of failure and ensure practically 100 % availability of your broadcast system. These systems [...]

RF-SE DRM Monitoring Receiver

RF-SE DRM Monitoring Receiver The RF-SE monitoring receiver is a professional digital radio monitoring and measurement receiver, which is available in various models. The outstanding reception characteristics are based upon a high performance front end with preselector filter banks and digital direct-down conversion system. The field-proven digital baseband demodulator provides access to all necessary measurement [...]

DT700 Monitoring Receiver

DT700 Monitoring Receiver The DT700 is a professional monitoring receiver, perfectly suited for DRM testing. It features high performance front-end direct sampling reception technology along with a 12-band fix-tuned preselector filter bank. The DRM monitoring receiver DT700 guarantees an outstanding reception performance and low phase noise. CatalogueDownload KEY FEATURES Stand-alone operation High reliability hardware built [...]

DRM Content Server

Content Server The DRM content server provides all the options that the DRM standard offers and all interfaces necessary for smooth integration into the broadcast chain. The system provides triple functionality: DRM audio server, DRM multimedia data server and DRM multiplex generator. The audio server provides multi stream real-time audio encoding, while the multimedia data [...]