RF Amplifiers

RF is a means to transfer energy to materials and substances to heat them without heating their surroundings, or even within a vacuum! Ampegon designs and delivers high power RF amplifier systems for world-class research facilities and industrial processes. Typically, such applications are at the absolute cutting-edge of scientific research and technological endeavour, and strive for the limits of performance. Such important research projects advance human understanding of materials science, medicine, engineering, biology, particle physics and nuclear fusion, while novel manufacturing processes unlock the potential of technology and drive efficiency.


Tube RF Amplifiers

RF Amplifiers Ampegon designs and delivers special RF amplifier systems based upon vacuum tubes, klystrons, inductive output tubes (IOTs) and solid-state technology. Our speciality is handling RF power ratings of up to 2 megawatts and frequencies up to 200 MHz with vacuum tubes; up to 500 MHz with solid-state technology, and frequencies up into L-band [...]

Solid State RF Amplifiers

Solid State RF Amplifiers Traditional RF amplifiers using electron-tube final stages have been established technology for decades. However, Ampegon is leading development of fully-solid state technology RF amplifiers, offering a number of technical solutions for CW- or pulsed-outputs at a wide range of frequencies between 120MHz and 500 MHz. Fully solid state technology overcomes some [...]

Innovation for Unique Applications

Innovation for Unique Applications Ampegon maintains a highly qualified team of power electronics engineers, RF experts, a team of electrical and mechanical designers, and a fully staffed project-management team for even the most challenging of developments. Additionally, Ampegon has strong links to research partners at ETH Zürich, Fachhochschule Nordwest Schweiz (FHNW), the Paul Scherrer Institut [...]