Power Supplies, Unique Applications

Innovation for Unique Applications

Innovation for Unique Applications

Ampegon maintains a highly qualified team of power electronics engineers, RF experts, a team of electrical and mechanical designers, and a fully staffed project-management team for even the most challenging of developments.

Additionally, Ampegon has strong links to research partners at ETH Zürich, Fachhochschule Nordwest Schweiz (FHNW), the Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI), and other high-tech companies to assist with technological developments.

With our experience developing novel solutions using high energy power supplies up to 10MW CW electrical outputs, RF amplifiers supplying up to 50MW peak powers and 750kW continuous RF outputs, Ampegon is the perfect partner for developing novel and effective solutions to your high energy RF or electrical power challenges.

Equally, when unrivalled precision and control is required from power electronics, Ampegon rises to the challenge. With our proprietary UCS control system, Ampegon power supplies can operate with unmatched levels of accuracy and speed, providing dependably accurate outputs again and again.

We can’t imagine every possible use for power electronics or RF amplifiers. But with your idea and our expertise, new technologies are brought from concept to market for the benefit of all.

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