Shortwave Transmitters

Shortwave transmitters may be used to broadcast radio programmes or data streams over regional, national or even intercontinental distances to an unlimited number of receivers. At any time, anywhere in the world, we predict that you can hear a shortwave broadcast from an Ampegon transmitter.

Due to the physical properties of the earth’s ionosphere, shortwave radio broadcasts are reflected over the horizon, propagating to listeners hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away.

Tube transmitters are available with 100kW, 300kW or 500kW maximum power ratings, which increase the distance at which broadcasts can be received.

Ampegon Transmitters are supplied with our innovative UCS control system, which allows users to control each transmitter, selecting output power, broadcast mode, and analogue/digital operation with ease from a single touch screen. As a founding member of the DRM consortium, all Ampegon shortwave transmitters are DRM-capable and able to be customized for proprietary digital functions if necessary.

Broadcast transmitters can be supplied alone, or along with a range of broadcast auxiliaries, necessary for remote control and monitoring, and test loads.


Tube Shortwave Transmitters

SW Tube Transmitters The Ampegon shortwave transmitters are designed and produced in our factory in Switzerland to meet the highest quality and industrial design standards. Satisfied customers around the world testify to the superior design, performance and maintainability of Ampegon shortwave transmitters. Ampegon high power shortwave transmitter TSW product line extends from 50 kW to [...]