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High Voltage Power Supplies

High Voltage Power Supplies

Ampegon designs and delivers stand-alone regulated high voltage power supplies for high energy applications in pulsed and CW mode. At the heart of the stand-alone high voltage power supply (HVPS) system is an Ampegon’s patented pulse-step modulator (PSM).

Since the introduction of PSM technology in the 1980s, this system has been continuously enhanced and improved. One of the major breakthroughs in performance was achieved with the addition of DC/DC convertor on the PSM module. This design has since been refined into our cutting-edge “enhanced” PSM (EPSM) topology.

Ampegon HVPS solutions are highly regarded for their flexibility, reliability and high performance. Thanks to the modular design of the basic PSM and improved EPSM technology, power supplies are adaptable to meet practically any customer specification or requirement.


High Voltage Power Supplies


  • Voltages up to 200 kV
  • Current up to 2 kA
  • DC and pulsed systems
  • High reliability provided by redundancy
  • Outstanding mean-time-between-failures (MTBF) figures
  • Long lifetime due to equal thermal module loading
  • Crowbar less operation
  • Short circuit energy at the load <5 J (inverse voltage operation <1 J)
  • Short (5 μs/160 kV) and continuously adjustable rise time