Returns and Repairs

Unless otherwise stated in your supply contract, all Ampegon systems receive 15 months’ warranty from delivery or for 12 months from acceptance, whichever occurs first. When operated correctly, electronic components typically fail either immediately in the first few months of operation, or after decades of use. In order to guard against the former, Ampegon provides a comprehensive warranty on all components*.

In the unlikely event of a failure during the warranty period, customers should replace the faulty part with a spare from their stock and then return the part to their nearest Ampegon representative, following our RMA (“Return Materials Authorization”) procedure outlined below.

RMA Procedure

  1. Contact Ampegon to request Warranty Support
  2. Complete the issued Fault Report, and return to Ampegon Service Center.
  3. Ampegon then provides instructions for returning the part, with RMA details for tax-free import/export
  4. You return the affected part to Ampegon and we confirm receipt.
  5. The faulty part is tested and repaired or replaced as necessary.
  6. Ampegon returns the part to you.


This procedure is described in more detail in the downloadable instructions, available at the bottom of this page.

The part will then be tested, and the fault identified and corrected, or a new component will be provided. Ampegon will then return the part to you free-of-charge.

Please note that, for legal reasons, failure to follow the RMA procedure correctly may result in additional taxes and charges levied by your national government upon importation when returning your part under warranty. These charges must be paid to the delivery company before they will deliver.

Additionally, customers should note that Ampegon does NOT provide a replacement part while the affected part is being returned for assessment. Ampegon cannot afford to hold stock of every component on shelves simply waiting for a possible warranty failures while offering best prices to our customers. If uninterrupted operation is required, customers should ensure they hold sufficient quantities of spare parts.


*Please note that RF amplifier tubes are specifically excluded from Ampegon’s warranty policy, since warranty on these parts is provided directly by the manufacturer.


If your system warranty expired, Ampegon is still here to help if faults occur. Please contact our support team by emailing for assistance diagnosing faults and arranging for component return and repair.

Obsolescence Notices

Unfortunately, technology is continuously changing, and as time passes legacy components are discontinued as suppliers switch to newer production. This means it is not economically feasible to provide support for the entire range of Ampegon products indefinitely. Therefore, Ampegon advises customers that the product ranges listed below are now either approaching obsolescence; or are obsolete and no longer supported. Where applicable, suggestions for alternatives are provided. For more information, please contact our eService team below.

Products no longer supported

Shortwave Transmitters Type TSW-2100, TSW-2300, TSW-2500

Component obsolescence means that transmitters with ECAM-, ECOS-, ECOS-II- or ECOS-IIA- generation control systems are only partially supported: All YCPxx and YCSxx boards (e.g. YCP16, YCP23, YCS02, YCS03 etc.) are no longer available from suppliers. Other spares may still be available, but are expected to become obsolete in the near future. To honour our commitment to support customers for ten years from delivery, Ampegon has developed an upgrade package to bring older generations up to current UCS standard. Please see our Control System Upgrade section for more information. All other parts outside the control can be requested from our eService team.


TRAM Series Mediumwave Transmitters

Ampegon exited the mediumwave transmitter market in 2019, and all rights to designs, manufacturing and support of existing TRAM series transmitters was transferred to Elsyscom GmbH of Germany. Customers with TRAM series transmitters looking for further support should contact Elsyscom directly.


M2W Mediumwave Transmitters

The M2W series of transmitters were discontinued in 2010 due to obsolescence of component parts, and all remaining spares, including M2W01 and M2W51 power modules have now been sold. It is no longer possible to source new spares. Operators of M2W series transmitters are recommended to plan replacement of these aging models with alternative mediumwave transmitters, and then utilize any usable components as spares for other operational units.


250kW Shortwave Transmitters Type “Thales TSW-2250”

This line of Shortwave Transmitters was discontinued in 2008 and support ended in 2018. Some spares are common with TSW-2300 Transmitters. Please contact our eService team using the button below to receive specific assistance.

Download Section

Downloads are provided here in English, although we also have German and French language versions upon request. Please contact us if these are required.

RMA Instructions