Ampegon designs and delivers high power RF systems for medical institutions. Our solutions, already deployed in research, are now adopted for high precision therapy products. A new promising therapy technique for cancer is using high energy accelerated particles, ensuring extremely precise treatment.


Enormous efforts are being made in the field of cancer research to develop complementary treatments for conventional x-ray based radiotherapy and chemotherapy. A promising development is accelerator-based high-energy particle therapy, which is non-invasive and minimises damage to healthy tissue. This makes use of protons, heavy ions, or neutron beams to deliver radiation directly to the tumour, destroying it effectively over the course of a few treatments.

Kidney stones that cannot pass out of the body naturally must be treated using ultrasonic lithotripsy, which fragments the stone inside the body. The ultrasonic waves pass harmlessly through soft tissue, but destroy the stone. Given the demanding requirements for medical certification, highly specialised equipment is needed to generate the ultrasonic waves. Ampegon offers such power supply technology for this and other medical technologies.

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Many new medical diagnosis and treatment methods require radioactive isotopes that must be synthesized within highly specialized particle accelerators at centralized facilities. These accelerators bombard elemental substances with high energy protons to produce different chemical radio isotopes, which can then be processed and shipped to hospitals for use. Since the necessary radiochemistry techniques require precise control of the accelerator facility, reliability, flexibility and performance of the system is critical. By using Ampegon RF amplifiers and power supplies, users can be certain that their accelerator will be capable of unrivalled levels of performance, securing medical radioisotope production long into the future.