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Industrial Application

Ampegon cooperates with industrial partners for the implementation of new, more efficient methods for a wide range of processes.

Hand in hand with the development of sophisticated technological systems in the field of research and science, an increasing number of commercially oriented enterprises are making use of new approaches to increase the efficiency of their industrial processes.

Existing industrial heating processes can be replaced with cost-effective and clean radio frequency (RF) power. Increased oil prices and energy costs enhance the attractiveness of alternative, RF-based heat sources.

  • Cost Effective Diamond Mining

Key Features

  • Klystron testing
  • Industrial heating, drying and welding processes
  • High power laser applications
  • Food processing (pulsed electric field)
  • Flue gas treatment
  • Oil recovery
  • Nuclear waste disposal
  • Isotope production (Tritium, F18 etc.)
  • Melting of ice coatings on high tension lines, broadcast antennas, etc.