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Master Series II Control System

Master Series II

From local monitoring to worldwide networking, the Master Series II line manages practically anything from a single transmitter site to a global network. Based on a modular, hierarchical design principle, Master Series II systems avoid a single point of failure and ensure practically 100 % availability of your broadcast system.

These systems incorporate a multi-layer redundancy approach including a hot swapable RAID drive and can be configured to provide different levels of functionality for specific demands. In addition to controlling all kinds of station equipment and infrastructure, Master Series II can also take charge of frequency and programming supervision. A built-in GPS system provides for transmission synchronization.


Master Series II


  • Enhances overall system availability
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Reduces overall system life-cycle costs
  • Simplifies operator interaction
  • Multiple watchdog and hot-standby layers
  • Flexible access from anywhere in the world
  • Remote control via SNMP/webinterface
  • Modular, hierarchical, open-end system