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Solid State RF Amplifiers

Solid State RF Amplifiers

Traditional RF amplifiers using electron-tube final stages have been established technology for decades. However, Ampegon is leading development of fully-solid state technology RF amplifiers, offering a number of technical solutions for CW- or pulsed-outputs at a wide range of frequencies between 120MHz and 500 MHz.

Fully solid state technology overcomes some of the limitations of tube amplifiers, specifically the finite lifetime of the tubes, redundancy of critical amplifier parts, and removing the potential for hazardous high-voltages and radiation production.

Ampegon has combined its innovative modular construction principles with its RF expertise to produce the most efficient and reliable amplifier designs, which are now being installed and used for next-generation particle accelerators, research instruments and medical systems. The modular approach and efficient combining strategies allows us to offer a wide range of output powers between 1.5kW for single amplifiers and 320kW CW / 1.6MWp for full systems. Individual RF amplifier modules are also available as OEM components for laboratory projects or individual amplifier design.

In addition to standard products, Ampegon’s know-how allows us to optimize our existing technologies to new frequencies and powers upon request, or to utilize the characteristics of ever-better electronic components coming onto the market.

Whatever your requirement for solid state RF amplifiers, Ampegon’s team of designers and engineers can propose a suitable solution to fit any application with best possible performance and smallest possible footprint for your facility.



  • Next-generation tubeless RF amplifier
  • Modular LDMOS solid state technology
  • Discrete frequencies 100MHz < f < 500MHz
  • Up to 320kW CW / 1.6MWp pulsed outputs
  • High efficiency redundant design philosophy
  • Low maintenance and mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Customised or off-the-shelf designs