IBC Amsterdam 2018 - visit our booth 8.E62

Ampegon Group says it’s made a strategic decision to step back into the medium wave transmitter market by acquiring the Transradio TRAM and SCIAMP product lines, together with the manufacturing site, warehouse and the core team in Berlin.

For the transition, the Ampegon Group has formed a daughter company in Germany named AM Broadcast GmbH.

This company, says Ampegon, is being used to establish Ampegon’s position in the market as an intermediate step.

AM Broadcast is now in place and supporting medium wave broadcasters. Under the arrangement, existing Transradio contracts are being reassigned to AM Broadcast so Ampegon Group can complete them with minimal disruption.

As the market-leading supplier of shortwave radio transmitters and antennas, Ampegon is uniquely positioned to demonstrate the newest forms of direct high-speed communication with only minimal fixed infrastructure, facilitating secure point-to-point or even area coverage to limitless numbers of receivers in remote locations.

Ampegon’s highly flexible transmitter range, multipurpose antenna systems and automated auxiliaries provide continuously available, direct communications wherever you are in the world.


IBC Amsterdam 2018 - visit our booth 8.E62