OCEM Power Electronics is delighted to announce the award of a new contract through MULTI ELECTRIC, our sister company located in Chicago, USA.

The contract is another result of the long-standing relationship between OCEM and MULTI ELECTRIC, part of the Aretè & Cocchi Technology group, also in physics. The power supplies will be completely designed, manufactured, and tested in OCEM, while MULTI ELECTRIC will provide customer support and service.

The Jefferson Laboratory (JLAB) is setting up a new experiment that proposes to measure the parity-violating asymmetry in electron-electron (Møller) scattering. It will utilize five DC power supplies, starting from a prototype. JLAB requires the design, fabrication, testing, delivery, and acceptance of five DC Power Supplies.

OCEM will design the prototype according to the technical specifications, with a current of 4000A and a total power of 264kW. It must have a DC output with an output current and seven-day stability (peak-to-peak) of 50 ppm (part per million).

The project is called MOLLER, and it’s the acronym of “Measurement of a Lepton-Lepton Electroweak Reaction.” It will include the liquid hydrogen target, spectrometer, beam pipes, detector systems, data acquisition, and trigger system, and the modifications to the infrastructure and shielding needed to support the experiment (not in OCEM scope of work). The measurement will be carried out at JLAB’s accelerator by rapidly flipping the longitudinal polarization of electrons that have been accelerated to 11 GeV and observing the resulting fractional difference in the probability of these electrons scattering off atomic electrons in a liquid hydrogen target.

The power supplies designed for this project will use the well-established technology of power modules already deployed or underproduction for other premium facilities such as Triumf (CA), KIT (DE), and SOLEIL (F). 

Info is taken from The MOLLER Project (jlab.org)