Ampegon welcomes Hitachi Kokusai

Building upon our constructive long-term relationship, Ampegon hosted a delegation from Hitachi Kokusai, Japan to their new headquarters in Baden and manufacturing facility in Kleindöttingen between February 3rd and February 6th. 

Hitachi Kokusai are responsible for the smooth operation of 300kW shortwave transmitters for KDDI at the Yamata transmitting site in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. The transmitters operate daily at frequencies between 5.95MHz and 17.81MHz, broadcasting a wide range of content in Japanese, English, Korean, Russian and various other languages, throughout day and night. 

Many issues and opportunities were discussed, including transmitter maintenance and spares, future component obsolescence issues, potential future control system upgrades, and digital broadcasting possibilities in DRM. 

Ampegon hopes that the delegates enjoyed their time in Switzerland, and looks forward to working to support Hitachi Kokusai and the KDDI transmitters long into the future.

Ampegon welcomes Hitachi Kokusai