The National Rivalries of an International Group!

Sometimes it’s tough to be neutral! With an Italian mother and Swiss heritage, Ampegon found itself in a difficult position as the Swiss and Italian football teams played each other in the long-awaited Euro2020 Group A fixture.

To resolve this long-standing competitive rivalry, Ampegon Power Electronics and her sister company OCEM Power Electronics have made a friendly bet: if the Swiss won the match, OCEM had to carry Ampegon colors and theming on their website for a week. Similarly, if Italy won, Ampegon should display OCEM’s color branding for a week. We have to show our respect to the other country’s company!


ITALY WINS! Oh, dear… Now we’re feeling blue. It was a close-run thing… well, maybe not. Italy triumphs, and now we have to concede to our Italian colleagues that they were the better team on the night… at least until next time! To show our respect to Italy and honor our bet, our website will be blue with disappointment for the next week or so…