As part of the DRM consortium, Ampegon features in a new video produced by Voice of America – the United States of America’s international TV and Radio and online content broadcaster – investigating the potential of DRM digital radio over shortwave.

Ampegon Area Sales Manager, Hani Garana, is responsible for SW transmitter sales with DRM capability and agrees with VoA’s assessments: “DRM is very exciting for the future. It offers unrivaled ability to deliver multi-channel, FM-quality audio alongside data services for graphics, maps, text services, schooling, standby emergency warning systems, and a whole range of additional functions from a single shortwave transmitter into areas with little to no infrastructure.”

He adds: “Currently, hundreds of millions of children in the developing world are locked down and unable to access schooling because of lack of infrastructure. DRM provides a solution to this problem, delivering voices, pictures, diagrams and even homework exercises directly into homes hundreds- or even thousands-of-kilometers from the transmitter.”

Simon Keens, Sales and Business Development Manager at Ampegon, cheerfully disagrees with one part of the video: “Depending upon the age of your transmitter, costs to upgrade to DRM can be relatively modest, although clearly, SW transmitters covering entire countries and continents are more expensive than small, local transmitters in other bands. And our latest information suggests that sub-$10 DRM receiver chipsets are just around the corner!”

As a founding member of the DRM consortium, Ampegon is perfectly placed to provide support when preparing for DRM shortwave transmission. Whether upgrading transmitters – as we are currently doing in Asia – supplying new transmitter systems, or even building new turn-key broadcasting stations, please contact us for more information.

See VoA’s story on their website, using the following link: