Turgi, Switzerland, April 25, 2016. Ampegon received two orders in 2015 and a third contract in February 2016 for high energy power supplies to be delivered to Tri Alpha Energy. Tri Alpha Energy is a fusion power research company based in California, USA.

Fusion represents the ultimate source of clean energy for the future. Their projects are at the absolute cutting edge of scientific research, and Ampegon is proud to be a part of this effort. Achieving nuclear fusion is incredibly challenging, so best possible power supply performance is required in order to even make it possible. Ampegon’s highest quality power supply systems support fusion energy technology development. The orders include the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of trim coil magnet power supplies, saddle coil power supplies and fast switching coils power supplies.

Tri Alpha is currently upgrading their experimental plasma system to enable longer term and higher energy containment of plasma. Ampegon’s power supplies are intended to provide fine control of electromagnet systems which contain the plasma, in order to study and validate confinement and stability properties. If this is successful, future systems would then be designed to reach fusion conditions and maintain such indefinitely, allowing continuous extraction of large quantities of clean energy.

Ampegon has a long track record of successful installations in the scientific field. The company has already delivered similar equipment to PSI, GSI, CERN, DESY and many others. Ampegon is also one of the technology partners of the ITER project for the delivery of ECRH power supply systems. In addition, high voltage power supplies or amplifiers for major plasma heating systems (ECRH, ICRH lower hybrid and NBI) have been developed for various fusion research facilities worldwide, such as CRPP Lausanne, IPP Garching, KIT Karlsruhe, General Atomics, San Diego and MIT Boston.

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