Télédiffusion d’Algérie is renewing their longwave station in Tipaza

Berlin, Germany and Turgi, Switzerland; November 5, 2013. Télédiffusion d’Algérie (TDA), the national broadcaster of Algeria, selected TRANSRADIO and Ampegon to replace the 1.5 MW longwave transmission system located close to the city of Tipaza in July this year. Meanwhile all administrative matters were settled and the contract is put into force. The project was offered in cooperation between Transradio and Ampegon.

The TRANSRADIO TRAM line long- and mediumwave transmitters which will be used for the project are well known for their robustness, efficiency, reliability and superior DRM performance.

All the antenna modernization works will be carried out by the Ampegon team in Schifferstadt, Germany which is highly experienced in designing, refurbishing and upgrading antennas to full DRM compatibility.

“TDA feels confident to choose the right partners for the Tipaza longwave project as TRANSRADIO and Ampegon were trustworthy partners in all previous projects fulfilling the requirements of our broadcasting organization. We look forward to a successful realization of this challenging project using the experience of the major transmitter and antenna manufacturers in the world.” said Mr. Hoyou when the contract was signed.

Jochen Huber, CEO of TRANSRADIO stated: “TRANSRADIO is proud to be chosen for such extensive and ambitious projects by TDA. It proofs that our focus on reliability, quality and customer service is still honored.”

Josef Troxler, CEO of Ampegon stated: “This project is an excellent proof that the collaboration with TRANSRADIO is leading to win-win positions for both companies with full added value for the end-user to get a complete and integrated system.”

The Tipaza longwave transmitter is operated on 252 kHz broadcasting with 1500 kW on day and 750 kW on night time and is receivable in French all over the western Mediterranean area.

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