Building a strong group in global scientific markets

Turgi, Switzerland and Dortmund, Germany; March 11, 2014. After the acquisition of Puls-Plasmatechnik (PPT) GmbH by Parter Capital Group in October 2013, Ampegon is pleased to announce the name change of the company in Dortmund to Ampegon PPT GmbH.

With this merger and name change Ampegon PPT is complementing the group`s product range and global market strength in pulsed klystron modulator applications, including pulsed magnet driver systems and charging / trigger units – creating a powerful and market leading business segment.

Ampegon in Switzerland designs and delivers in the field of Scientific Applications high power RF amplifiers, regulated high voltage modulators and power supplies (HVPS) as well as fully integrated solutions for world-class medical, industrial and research facilities.

Offering its innovative and pioneering spirit with expertise of a century, Ampegon products stand for innovation, advanced technology and premium quality systems. Ampegon serves the global Radio Transmission markets including Scientific Applications and Green Technologies with a complete product range tailored to all needs of their customers.

The phone numbers for Ampegon PPT GmbH in Dortmund remain the same; the e-mail addresses are changed to

Tel. +41 58 710 44 00