Ampegon is the leading designer, manufacturer and integrator of AM/DRM radio broadcast systems worldwide. Focusing upon developing advanced solutions to meet environmental and technological evolvements, Ampegon shapes the industry with the most advanced systems for digital transmissions and best performance over the equipment's entire lifetime.


Ampegon offers the most advanced and efficient antenna systems and is the only supplier in the world for rotatable curtain antennas (RCA). Whether digital or analog, the best signal on air depends on optimal interconnection of all broadcast system components. Ampegon's antenna portfolio includes systems for shortwave, long- and mediumwave, VLF applications as well as tower and masts.

True to its tradition of combining innovative technology with reliable and well proven techniques, Ampegon has developed an enhanced shortwave transmitter line with integrated DRM solutions. The Ampegon shortwave transmitter TSW product line extends from 50 kW to 500 kW and the new low power solid-state shortwave transmitter TSW SSA product line from 1.5 kW to 25 kW.

Ampegon cooperates with TRANSRADIO for long- and mediumwave transmitters in order to provide complete system solutions including Ampegon antennas. With its compact high quality modular design from 5 to 600 kW, the TRAM line leads the market for best performance in analog and digital operation.

As a leading force for digital broadcasting since the beginning, our DRM compatible equipment meets the highest standards and customer requirements. Designed to provide end-to-end DRM solutions for broadcasters and network operators, the DRM product line is a perfect fit for all Ampegon transmitters.

From local monitoring to worldwide networking, the Master Series II line manages practically anything, from a single transmitter site to a global network. Based on a modular, hierarchical design principle, Master Series II systems avoid a single point of failure and guarantee practically 100 % availability of your broadcast system.

Ampegon is offering the design, delivery and installation of complete photovoltaic power plants for radio broadcast applications. Taking benefit from our large turnkey experience with radio broadcasting stations and solar power know-how, such business is a perfect fit for the expansion of existing transmitter sites. The activity includes cooperations with competent design offices and well known suppliers of key components. Considering ecological awareness, the necessity of environment and climate protection, as well as continuously increasing energy costs motivated Ampegon to generate new and innovative concepts and inventions.

Our auxiliaries are the product of best quality craftsmanship backed by more than a generation of experience in the trade. The choice of Ampegon professional components for your radio broadcasting system is your guarantee for quality, long lifetime and best performance.