Naka, Japan, 11. February 2019. Ampegon has signed a consultancy agreement with Nippon Advanced Technology Co. Ltd. to develop new power supply technology to support fusion research at the Quantum and Radiological Sciences and Technology (QST) research institute located in Naka, Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan.

The QST facility is home to JT-60, a Japanese tokamak design which is used for scientific research in support of the international effort to achieve clean, sustainable nuclear fusion. ITER-Japan is also located on-site and Toshiba works with QST for gyrotron research studies.

Through cooperation with Nippon Advanced Technology, Ampegon hopes that new technology can be developed for use at Naka, leading to novel designs of gyrotrons providing greater energy efficiency and improved performance in the future, as part of the international cooperation to achieve fusion power generation in the coming decades.