In September 2019, Ampegon learned that it was required to find a new home for its business: The owners of its headquarters building gave notice of the end of our lease, which would leave the building almost entirely empty. Other tenants including General Electric, Alstom and Natco have also vacated the premises, and it is believed that the building will be redeveloped into residential apartments in the future.

Ampegon then signed a contract for a new office in the city of Baden, close to the railway station. This modern office provides an immediate solution to our requirements less than 5km from our previous location, as well as providing much needed space for future expansion. The central location also makes visiting the company simple and convenient, with trains to and from Zurich airport every 15 minutes and easy motorway access.

The company has also secured a new manufacturing premises close to the Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland’s premier research centre, and the innovAARE Science Park. This provides the necessary facilities and infrastructure to continue work supplying customers with our world-leading technology, and is only a short drive from Baden.

After a week moving, normal operations have been resumed, and the company now has the space and facilities to secure business and planned expansions into the future.

All previous telephone numbers have been transferred and remain unchanged.

About Ampegon

Ampegon is a brand established in autumn 2012 out of the former Thomson Broadcast company, with high energy radio, scientific, medical and industrial transmitters, RF amplifiers and power supplies. The company, Ampegon Power Electronics AG, is based in Baden (Switzerland) and is 100% owned by Energy Technology srl. of Bologna (Italy). Ampegon also has a representation office in Beijing (China).

Ampegon has an extensive product range of RF and power products, each able to be tailored to customer needs in their strategic fields. As the leading designer, manufacturer and system integrator of AM/DRM radio broadcast systems Ampegon offers the complete system including transmitters, antennas and a wide range of auxiliary equipment. In addition, the group is developing world-class technology and fully integrated solutions to serve scientific, medical and industrial markets: RF amplifier systems, high voltage and high current power supplies as well as short and long pulse modulators. The products and services stand for innovation, advanced technology and premium quality systems.


Dr. Simon Keens
Sales and Business Manager

Ampegon Power Electronics AG

Kreuzweg 11
5401 Baden, Schweiz
Tel. +41 58 710 44 87