Turgi, Switzerland, June 12, 2014. Ampegon engineers have set new standards in short pulse technology: During IPAC 2014 the company is introducing its short pulse high power modulators.

Ampegon’s expertise includes stand-alone HVPS systems with voltages up to 200 kV and currents up to 2000 A, RF amplifier systems up to 2 MW at frequencies up to 1300 MHz, short pulse modulators with voltages over 500 kV and currents up to 400 A and stand-alone multi-channel digital low level RF control systems. The technology base extends across the entire field of RF transmission.

In this wide application field, the short pulse modulator based on solid state technology or pulse forming network (PFN) topology complements Ampegon’s product range in pulsed high voltage modulator applications. The short pulse modulators are valued for their highest flexibility. Thanks to the modular design of the implemented technology, these systems are adaptable to meet practically any customer specification. The design is optimized for best performance and an ideal footprint with long term reliable operation.

This product expansion underlines Ampegon’s mission to serve the global market with innovation, advanced technology and premium quality systems.

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