Turgi, Switzerland, September 12, 2014. Ampegon is introducing Green Technologies for the benefit of our environment and to improve climate protection. Based on its extensive turnkey experience and system approach the global leader in AM radio transmitter technology and in solutions for scientific applications is offering complete photovoltaic power plants. Supported by Ampegon’s services in project development, dimensioning, project monitoring and financing photovoltaic power plants can be installed at existing antenna sites – or anywhere in a country.

Despite the introduction of new high efficient broadcast technologies radio transmission stations still consume a huge amount of electrical energy. The large antenna field on the other hand is often an ideal place for a photovoltaic power plant to produce energy close to the consumer. Ampegon promotes an optimized utilization of fallow land area at transmitter stations and antenna fields as well as in plain countryside. That land area is environmental beneficial used to produce renewable energy with a photovoltaic power plant.

Ampegon has already proven successful operation of this new business model with the installation of a 20 MW power plant underneath an existing shortwave antenna installation in Wertachtal, Germany. Together with experienced partner companies more than 35 projects are currently under development in UK with a total capacity of 430 MW power. Ampegon is preparing the necessary paperwork to get permissions and fulfill legal requirements for these new customers.

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