Case Study

Australian National University

Investigation of the principles of plasma physics, and ideas for improved magnetic design of fusion reactors.

The Australian Plasma Fusion Research Facility, located in the Research School of Physics and Engineering at the Australian National University in Canberra, is a uniquely versatile plasma research institute. As part of their super-science initiative, $7m has been allocated to upgrading the institute’s fusion research capabilities.

A core component of the facility is the H-1 Heliac plasma confinement device. The Heliac allows experiments investigating the physics of plasmas, how they might be controlled, and exploration of ideas for improved magnetic designs for similar reactors. This knowledge feeds into the design of future fusion reactors, which may be developed as a result of research at ANU and other partners and collaborators working to complete the ITER international fusion experiment located in Cadrache, France.


RF Amplifier at Australian National University

Ampegon RF Amplifier