Our values

  • Continuous further development
    Our high quality systems are primarily the result of our employees’ major dedication to their craft. In order to satisfy continuously increasing market requirements in the future, we have to constantly strive to improve ourselves.

  • Customer orientation
    Ampegon employees do everything in their power to support and realise unique customer requests. In addition to technical competence, our customers are impressed by our reliability and cooperation.

  • Personal responsibility
    To us, independence means more flexibility and freedom, as well as creativity at work. Ampegon motivates employees to introduce ideas, to act with goals in mind, to assume responsibilities and accept the resulting consequences.

  • Respect
    Appreciation and respect are a central part of our company culture and, in addition to promoting personal well-being, are also of benefit to economic interests.

  • Employee advancement
    Behind Ampegon’s success are motivated employees, who passionately and responsibly complete their duties. We therefore offer every employee development prospects. This is how we stay successful, together.

  • Leadership
    The management executes its managerial duties reliably, transparently and with integrity to continuously and sustainably increase the value of the company, with commitment to the market and customer requirements.

  • Personnel development
    We encourage our employees and support them in their personal and professional development. A high level of professional competency, forward-looking developmental planning and critical thinking are important for survival and innovation in ever-changing business environments. Ampegon sponsors measures in the educational sector as well professional development, and is always oriented to achieving strategic aims.

  • Flexible and healthy
    We promote the work-life balance of our employees by offering flexible working hours and a high level of autonomy. Ampegon actively protects and strengthens the health of its employees through preventative measures, work integration and ergonomics. We are committed to the compatibility of work and family and provide as much support as possible towards this aim. All Ampegon locations are optimally connected to the public transport network. There is a subsidised staff restaurant in Turgi, which offers various freshly prepared lunches every day.