Given that the lifetime of Ampegon TSW2000 series transmitters is measured in decades, many systems currently in operation – previous ECAM and ECOS-II generation transmitters supplied under the names Ampegon, Thomson or Thales – either do not have DRM-ready control systems, or have a need for now-obsolete spares.
As such Ampegon has developed a retrofit-upgrade to current UCS generation control systems for all previous generation 100kW, 300kW and 500kW transmitter systems using ECAM and ECOS-II control.
This retrofit-upgrade will bring existing transmitters up to the latest control standard, offering the latest touch-screen technology, most-efficient PSM operations, and quick and precise retuning with digital motor control, as well as guaranteeing spares availability through the 2020s. In fact, 28x obsolete boards are replaced by only 3x standard UCS modules!
All UCS systems are DRM-ready, and can be quickly and simply upgraded with DRM modulators to facilitate digital operation at 16- or 64-QAM. In order to facilitate a digital switchover, DRM enabled UCS controllers permit “simulcasting”: simultaneous digital and analogue broadcasting, where an analogue signal is transmitted over one sideband, while a digital signal appears on the other.
Additionally, all software for the UCS control system is Linux-based. This allows for both greater operational stability than previous Windows platforms, and offers additional possibilities for reprogramming for user-specified customization and even menus presented in different languages!
Please speak to your local Ampegon representative for further information about upgrading your TSW2000 generation transmitter for the future.