At IBC 2013 Ampegon proudly introduces the next generation of shortwave transmitters

Turgi, Switzerland, September 10, 2013. Ampegon engineers have set new standards in shortwave transmitter technology introducing advances in the transmitter control system, the motor drive tuning system as well as the measurement acquisition system.

The new transmitter control system UCS (universal control system) represents the interconnecting link between the user and the transmitter with a selection of functions and detailed transmitter information. It interacts with various subsystems and performs the required measurements. The new tuning system with the latest DC motor technology allows faster and more accurate positioning of the transmitter tuning circuits with full digital control. This leads to comfortable and fully automated frequency changes supporting the customer for best on air performance. In order to achieve the required measurements, the simplified measurement acquisition system captures measurements in real time for data display, data logging and data analysis. The data support secures low and efficient maintenance works and reduces spare parts requirements. Remote control options support the flexibility of the complete transmitter system by ensuring independent control and operation.

This product enhancement for most modern shortwave transmission underlines Ampegon’s mission to serve the global market with innovation, advanced technology and premium quality systems.

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