Fusion for Energy, Europe’s contribution to the ITER project has praised Ampegon for proceeding with on-time deliveries of their high voltage gyrotron power supplies, despite the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Tullio Bonicelli, F4E Programme Manager for Neutral Beam & EC Power Supplies and Sources offered kind praise to all those at Ampegon working hard under difficult circumstances to meet the delivery schedule: “These deliveries, performed ahead of schedule, merit particular praise since the manufacturing occurred during the pandemic. In spite of the new restrictions imposed on the industrial activities, we managed to complete the equipment safely and earlier. This shows the commitment of the company towards F4E and the ITER project.”

Ferran Albajar, Ampegon’s primary contact at F4E, added: “It gives us great satisfaction to see that we have maintained a steady flow of production leading to more deliveries on-site. The good working relationship and the well-executed planning have contributed to this seamless mode of operation which at times delivered components earlier than expected.”

ITER promises to be the world’s first fusion reactor to output more energy than is used to initiate fusion. Proving this is possible will open the door to potentially limitless clean energy, seeding new reactor designs with power generation capabilities for the future.

Dr. Simon Keens, Sales and Business Development Manager at Ampegon explains: “This is an exciting time for Ampegon and ITER. We are witnessing the coming together of years of scientific research, planning, design work, and construction to create the most significant scientific endeavour since the moon missions of the 1960s and 1970s. ITER represents humankind’s greatest chance to create limitless energy from hydrogen found naturally in seawater. Thanks to the international nature of the project, the entire world will benefit, and Ampegon, alongside our sister company OCEM, is proud to play a small part in this incredible scientific venture.”

For further details about F4E’s praise, please see here: https://fusionforenergy.europa.eu/news/high-voltage-units-on-iter-site-to-light-the-hot-plasma/