Ampegon Introduces Solid-State Shortwave Transmitter Line

IBC 2015, September 11, Amsterdam. Ampegon, market leader in shortwave transmitters since over 70 years, now again is setting innovative standards with the introduction of new fully solid-state shortwave transmitters ranging from 1.5 kW to 25 kW AM carrier power. The Ampegon TSW-SSA product line is completely DRM compatible and enables broadcasters to choose between classical AM analog and/or DRM digital operation РAmpegon is a proud founding member of the Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Consortium.

The entire modulator and RF section is air-cooled and based upon the latest development in fast switching mode amplifier class E technology, and is built into one single transmitter cabinet. Operations are managed by the new Ampegon Unified Control System (UCS), based on in-house platform development and utilizing the advantages of a single common interface.

Another truly unique advantage are the small footprint and simple installation and commissioning time.


Radio Frequency Stages and Solid-State Amplifier (SSA) Modulator

The transmitters are designed and built from first principles using only solid-state technology. Central to the design is a class E push-pull amplifier concept, which is based on the in-and-out phasing method. The modulation is realized over the fine adjustment of the out phasing angle between the two push-pull modulator blocks. The modular combining of amplifiers allows customers to specify transmitters for any power class. The combining network and up to four dedicated frequency slots allow a fast changeover and flexible broadcast schedule setup.

At the heart of every TSW solid-state transmitter are redundant, equal and powerful, solid-state class E amplifier modules. As the industry leader in shortwave technology, our solutions enhance your broadcasting capabilities with their outstanding distortion and signal-to-noise specifications.


New Generation Transmitter Control System UCS

The new UCS transmitter control system (Unified Control System) sets new standards for shortwave transmitters. This control system features the latest embedded PC and FPGA technology. The interaction with the various subsystems is based on a network distributed Middleware solution and a sophisticated HMI represents the link to the operator. In order to facilitate the various monitoring, control and processing purposes, a modular concept is used which consists of dedicated subsystems.

The UCS SW for shortwave applications is the heart of the new control system. It is capable of generating highly accurate RF signals with highest stability and achieving fast direct sampling for RF measurement purposes. The control system comprises the complete audio signal processing path required for shortwave transmission, such as adjustable analog and digital audio inputs, dedicated audio filters, modulation mode and more. The optionally installed embedded DRM modulator completes the entire range of modulation schemes. Analog interfaces, which include fast acquisition channels, allow alarm- and failure-detection within the broadcast transmitter. The UCS system controls the RF power modules. It calculates the phase level of the push-pull amplifier required to provide the output voltage, based upon a reference signal and feed forward regulation. The wide range and fast processing of the reference inputs allows modulation frequencies suitable for analog and digital modulation.

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