Ampegon cooperates with industrial partners to implement novel and more efficient processes. Forward thinking commercially-oriented enterprises make use of the technological developments derived from scientific research to improve or increase the efficiency of their industrial processes.


Modern semiconductors are produced using optical lithography techniques, but the requirement for ever smaller chips is prompting development of EUV lithography technology. Free Electron Lasers (FELs) are anticipated to provide the light sources for next generation EUV lithography fabrication facilities, based around a high power particle accelerator. The precision demanded by the semiconductor industry requires precise, accurate power supplies, modulators and RF sources.

The nuclear industry faces two challenges associated with fission reactors: failsafe shutdown, and disposal of radioactive waste. New accelerator driven reactor technology, whereby particle accelerators continually supply additional neutrons to the core, allows rapid and safe shutdown. Similar accelerators can be used to make radioactive waste decay faster. Ampegon RF amplifiers offer unrivalled accelerator performance, opening the door to a cleaner nuclear industry.

One of the challenges of the food manufacturing industry is how best to preserve perishable liquids. Technology allows some substances to be preserved with powerful pulsed electrical fields, which destroys any bacteria, significantly increasing its shelf life. Such systems must ensure that the liquid is correctly treated, but not cooked or otherwise cause anything to change its taste, to ensure sterilisation and preserve best possible quality.

Diamonds are expensive due to the unique properties, the extreme conditions required to form them, and their scarcity in the rocks within which they are found. Therefore, any way in which the diamond industry can improve the chances of their discovery will be extremely profitable. By using fast (energetic) neutron radiography, the presence and size of diamond lying undiscovered inside a rock can be detected, thereby increasing the efficiency of the mining process considerably.

Radar systems are used for many applications; to predict the weather, plan farming schedules and for aerospace. Microwaves are emitted from these radars and, by detecting and measuring the reflections, users can determine the location of various objects, from aircraft, to satellites, or even rain. Each radar system needs to be supplied with high power pulses of energy with only a few microseconds duration. Ampegon supplies cutting-edge technology necessary for this application.

Manufacturers of klystrons, gyrotrons, tetrodes and other types of vacuum tube amplifiers must rigorously test their tubes before they can be certified and delivered to their customers, who expect the highest possible performance and longevity. For this demanding task, Ampegon provides modulators and power supplies of the highest levels of quality, reliability and flexibility.