Ampegon PPT Assets are Acquired by RI Research Instruments

Turgi, Switzerland, and Dortmund, Germany, March 12th, 2019. Ampegon AG, announced today that it has sold substantially all of the assets of Ampegon PPT GmbH, a subsidiary of Ampegon AG, to Research Instruments GmbH (RI), which is a majority-owned subsidiary of Bruker Energy & Supercon Technologies, Inc. (BEST) in an asset purchase deal. Both Ampegon AG and RI wish to reassure Ampegon PPT customers that existing contracts remain in force and will be honored going forward with the same care and attention as should be expected from our companies.

In October 2013, Ampegon AG, in agreement with the representatives of its owners, Parter Capital, bought the German company Puls-Plasmatechnik (PPT) GmbH and integrated it into the Ampegon Group under the name Ampegon PPT GmbH. Since then, Ampegon PPT has worked successfully to serve customers with specialized and advanced high-voltage and high-current power supplies, short- and long-pulse modulators and pulsed power supplies for scientific, medical and industrial applications.

RI develops and manufactures high performance components, systems and solutions for research and industry, such as particle accelerators, EUV/XUV metrology systems, fusion equipment, special manufacturing products, and photon instrumentation. It is located in Bergisch Gladbach, close to the Ampegon PPT offices in Dortmund, and the two companies share many commonalities: RI, Ampegon AG and Ampegon PPT GmbH have been long-standing partners, having cooperated frequently on particle accelerator projects, e.g. for worldwide injection linear accelerators of synchrotron radiation sources, for the RF accelerator units for GSI/FAIR in Darmstadt, and for medical particle therapy.

Dr. Michael Peiniger, Managing Director of RI Research Instruments, commented: ”RI and the PPT business complement each other in their markets and technology portfolio, as RI is strengthening its capabilities to deliver turnkey systems for ‘big science’ projects, and for customers in the healthcare industry.”

Ampegon AG and RI will continue as cooperation partners for on-going projects, and will work together for the benefit of our scientific, medical and industrial customers. The former staff and capabilities of Ampegon PPT, now part of RI, will act as a strong link between the two companies.


About Ampegon

Ampegon is a brand established to merge the former Thomson Broadcast radio activities and newly acquired companies in one powerful and market leading group. The group consists of Ampegon AG, Turgi (Switzerland), Ampegon Antenna Systems GmbH, Ludwigshafen (Germany) and AM Broadcast GmbH, Berlin (Germany) with a representation office in Beijing, China. Ampegon serves the global Science, MedTech, Industry and Broadcast markets with an extensive product range tailored to customer needs in these strategic fields. As the leading designer, manufacturer and system integrator of AM/DRM radio broadcast systems Ampegon offers the complete system including transmitters, antennas and a wide range of auxiliary equipment. In addition, the group is developing world-class technology and fully integrated solutions to serve scientific, medical and industrial markets: RF amplifier systems, high voltage and high current power supplies as well as short and long pulse modulators. The products and services stand for innovation, advanced technology and premium quality systems.


About RI Research Instruments GmbH and Bruker Energy & Supercon Technologies, Inc.

RI Research Instruments GmbH (RI) is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of normal and superconducting particle accelerator components and systems, as well as special manufacturing products and photon instrumentation for physics and energy research, scientific, medical and industrial applications. RI products also include high-performance electron and ion sources, particle and photon beamlines and diagnostics, research reactor and nuclear fusion subunits, as well as vacuum and cryogenic systems. BEST has operations in the US, the UK and Germany, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bruker Corporation (NASDAQ: BRKR).

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Ampegon PPT Assets are Acquired by RI Research Instruments