Ampegon has gained an immeasurable amount of experience and know-how in the field of high power RF amplification, power electronics and fast signal processing. Our in-house R&D expertise covers a wide range of disciplines in electrical engineering, from the development phase throughout the complete design and validation phase.

High Frequency

  • Design and manufacturing of complete integrated tube based amplifier systems with various tube types, such as klystrons, IOTs and gridded tubes such as tetrodes and triodes

  • Design and assembly of customized high power solid state amplifier systems with linear and switched mode

  • Combiner Design

  • Lumped element RF tuning circuits and matching units for megawatts of RF power, which are fully automatic tunable

  • Fixed and rotatable antenna systems

Power Electronics

  • Power electronic design using GTO, IGBT’s, MOSFET’s and SiC transistors

  • Modular, crowbarless and regulated switched mode, high voltage power supply systems for broadcast transmitters, RF amplifiers and klystron modulators providing up to several megawatts average power, or up to hundred megawatts in pulsed power mode respectively

  • Depending on the application, different topologies are available

Signal Processing

  • Vast simulation capabilities for RF circuits, power electronics and digital signal processing

  • Audio signal processing for analogue and digital AM broadcasting (DRM) using DSP and FPGA

  • Digital low level RF (LLRF) control systems, controlling amplitude, phase and frequency of an RF signal

  • Fast and precise insulated measurement acquisition systems using fiber optic links

Control Systems

  • Embedded control and fast interlock systems for complete integrated transmitters, RF amplifiers and HVPS systems

  • Monitoring and control systems for entire broadcasting stations

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

  • PCB design capabilities

  • pro/ENGINEER based mechanical design capabilities

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